Wendy Clayton

Artist Statement

I was born and raised in Holliston, Massachusetts, the daughter of a graphic artist. My lifelong interest in color and visual expression has led me on a journey to many schools of thought and design.  I studied graphic design at Massachusetts College of Art and the Portland School of Art in Portland, Maine.  For a number of years I lived in Europe pursuing my interest in Fashion Design, where I attended the Paris American Academy in France.  Clothes-making would later evolve into two-dimensional pictures, employing pastels, fabrics, thread and found objects.  After a twelve year hiatus from fabric artwork I became an Interior Designer.  Also a Feng Shui  practitioner, I advise clients on color choices, room flow and furniture.  In the natural order of things, my new artwork has emerged in the form of paintings.  I love working with color and textures, drawing on images from past influences and experiences. With each project, new directions continue too manifest into works of art.


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