Sue Hammerland

Sue Hammerland
Phone: (207) 807-0381

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1960s and 1970s, so that explains a lot right there.

My work currently is what I’m calling “Post-Apocalyptic Botanicals.” The narrative is a future world where a lot of the natural world has morphed and mutated to acclimate to the big mess we humans have made.

Some plants are hopeful, nurturing, protective and making the best of things. Others are angry and kind of fierce, scheming revenge in some cases. And then there are the lab plants, either being created or brought in to be studied. Some plants have jobs.

And then there is the color, the shapes, the lines, the forms.
I love all that stuff.

In my mind my plants are moving–swaying, wagging, pumping, spitting, squawking, belching, etc.

I would someday like to work with animation. It’s on my bucket list along with creating sculpture, installations, and some spur-of-the-moment public art (dare I say easily removable graffiti?).

I generally like to make things in my own weird way, and my studio is really messy and full of books and images and stuff to make stuff.
I do very well in a state of chaos.

I make jewelry, I sew, I design fabrics, I teach, I work at The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and I have so many, many ideas and so little time…

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