Naomi Deutscher

Artist Statement

I work in acrylics and mixed media on abstract paintings inspired by my travels in India, Istanbul, Israel, Barcelona, Venice, New Mexico, Miami.  Using layers of vivid colors and texture, the mystery of a place or experience unfolds as I paint.

Excitement is never knowing where I’m going in a painting – interacting attentively with each layer until the composition evolves. Exploring the process of creating without a clear result in mind allows for wonderful accidents. Staying in the moment helps me see what emerges to build on these possibilities.

What fascinates me are shapes and surfaces found on my walks (graffiti under train bridges). Bits of strange metal fragments or cracked tile find their way into my work as mosaic–like windows. Embedding objects found on walks with my dog add a rough, but appealing kind of beauty.

I’m love with what shows through the layers of paint each time I scrape through or glaze over it. How the painting evolves as each layer interacts with the layer below – emerging as a fully formed piece with a composition that works. The contrasts between surface/depth, shape/texture, space/complexity. The act of painting itself, the sensuality of applying paint in different ways and the vividness of color gives me the most pleasure.



Naomi Deutscher is an Executive Presentation Coach with corporate clients in Finance, Insurance, Bio-pharmaceuticals, Research and Healthcare. Having built a successful consulting practice for the last 28 years, she achieved her dream to return to her first love of painting by becoming a resident artist at Holliston Mill.

A very early interest art led her to study oil painting on Saturdays from second grade on with adults (Gebhardt Studio, Cincinnati), photography while living in London (London Polytechnic), abstract acrylics (Naropa Institute, Charles River Studio, Boston) and mixed media (Decordova Museum, Rockport Art Association, Hudson Valley Artists). After many intensive workshops to study technique in New Mexico with Barbara Zaring, Alyce Frank, Ray Vinella, she sought out a coaching approach to develop her own style – working individually with artists (Ed Samuels. J.Jones, Ellen Rolli, Adria Arch & Marian Dioguardi).

She has had works at the Attleboro Museum, Zullo Gallery, Grace Gallery, Art in Bloom (Holliston Library), Sherbourne Library, Artist of the Month at Backyard Cafe, Ogunquit, ME.





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