Denise Kopko

Artist Statement

Hi I’m Denise. I have been a Holliston resident for over 20 years and recently opened a great photography studio located in this incredible Historic Artists Mill

Needing to fill a few extra credits in high school, I decided to take a photography class. By day one I was hooked. I loved my Pentax K1000 35mm film camera and I loved creating prints in the dark room. There was just nothing quite like the smell of the chemicals and seeing an image slowly develop before your eyes.

For many years photography remained a serious hobby in my life but after getting my first Canon DSLR camera over a decade ago, I became obsessed once again. I started photographing my daughter’s sporting events, our pets, wildlife, landscapes and portraits for my family & friends. I have spent countless hours as a devoted student of photography and digital photo editing. Now, after a long career in computer engineering, I have finally decided to open a studio and pursue a career doing what I love.

Please visit my website at

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