2016 Open Studios Beer & Wine Tasting – Crafted of Holliston


In another command performance, Ken from Holliston’s own Crafted Beer & Wine Merchants will once again be the host of the tasting event held every year at Open Studios. For those who have yet to visit this great shop, owner Kenneth Onofrey has put together a mecca of fine domestic and imported craft beers. Located on Washington St in Holliston (near Bertucci’s), Crafted houses hundreds of craft beer & ale styles, as well as fine wines from around the globe. For directions and shop hours, click here.

As Ken puts it on the Crafted website, “The concept of Crafted revolves around the idea that, for too long, the vast majority of liquor stores have provided the consumer with a very generic shopping experience. The hallmarks of a typical liquor store are aisles of unattractive peg board, coolers full of mass marketed watery beer and racks of wine selections from mega brands that have no character or sense of place. Crafted aims to be everything these stores are not, providing you with an attractive retail environment, interesting and varied products, and friendly, highly knowledgeable staff. Crafted is the kind of beer and wine shop we’d want to shop at, a shop filled with great products in a visually interesting space, and staffed by people who know a Gose from a Gueuze (beer geek humor). We’re also going to have a little fun along the way, we’re a beer and wine shop after all…”

The Open Studios wine and beer tasting is from 1-3pm on Sunday October 23. Come for the art, stay for the beer and wine!

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