Stevie Leigh Andrascik

Bio: Stevie Leigh Andrascik

Named after rockstar and fashion icon, Stevie Nicks, Stevie Leigh Andrascik has always had an interest in fashion and music. It is no coincidence that she has created a brand merging her two favorite things. 

Graduating from Parsons: The New School for Design with a BFA in sustainable fashion design in 2014, Stevie found herself working in a tailor shop in Massachusetts shortly afterwards. As she learned to become a master tailor, dissecting and rebuilding suits, dresses and denim from brands such as Canali, Hugo Boss, Ted Baker, Theory and AG, Stevie became distraught at how much waste her little shop just outside of Boston created everyday just to have a factory made garment fit a real life customer’s body. 

Stevie became particularly interested in the denim waste the shop created, for she found her tailor shop created approximately 12lbs of denim scraps every month. Stevie began to collect these scraps, bringing them to her studio at the Holliston Mill and #REMIX by Stevie Leigh was born!

Chronicling her journey on her instagram page (@ItsMeStevieLeigh), Stevie shares her process in her studio reassembling the upcycled denim scraps and giving them new life with a punk rock attitude. Dressing musicians and music lovers, Stevie has showcased her work throughout New England. Including at Vans Warped Tour, Boston Hassle: Black Market Flea, Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market, Artists & Fleas and many more.

Stevie Leigh Andrascik is on a mission to change the fashion industry’s status as the second most pollution creating industry in the world to the last. Her upcycled collection #REMIX by Stevie Leigh is just the beginning.  To find out more information about her work or to contact her for custom apparel creations please visit 

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